Valley Casa Realty has teamed up with a large network of industry professionals that include some of the best local lenders, title companies, tradesmen, home warranty companies and inspectors that will fill you in with their knowledge and expertise that make you feel comfortable and right at home.


Step 1) Consult with a lender.

  • We work with several great lenders from around the valley, who can help you to get “Pre-Approved”. We’ve established great relationships with our preferred lenders, which also helps to ensure that your transaction is as seamless as possible.
  • Knowing your “mid-FICO” credit score several months in advance can make a huge difference in your interest rate and loan product.
  • Getting a Good Faith Estimate or (GFE) from your lender within in the first 5 days of getting your credit pulled, can be crucial with understanding what your lenders origination fees will be.
  • Find the best loan product available that best suits your needs.
  • Have a down payment saved of (At least 2 month’s salary)

Step 2) Meet with one of our agents.

  • As a “Buyer” our services are absolutely free to you, so why not use a Realtor every time! We are here to guide and protect you with an abundance of knowledge, experience and helpful resources that can make a real difference and save you a ton of money.

Step 3) Find the right Title company

  • Choosing a Title Company & Escrow officer that you can trust is essential in knowing that your investment is protected and insured.
  • Title fees may vary, so it’s important to compare and select a title company before entering into any agreement or contract.
  • Location can be important to you because, this is where you will be signing all of your closing documents from your new home purchase.